Imports soar along with Norwegians’ berry love

Imports soar along with Norwegians' berry love
A Norwegian strawberry grower. File photo: Vegard Grøtt/Scanpix
In one year, Norwegians have taken to eating foreign strawberries by the tonne, tripling imports after a bad start to the berry season.

This year, Norway has imported some 1,500 tonnes of strawberries. The equivalent figure by this time last year was 683, show figures from Statistics Norway (Statistisk sentralbyrå – SSB), which cited a decline in homegrown berries following a bad strawberry season in June.

Brit Kåsin at the self-labelled myth-busting online paper Opplysningskontoret, however, said blaming imported berries' succesful entry on the Norwegian consumer market on bad weather was incorrect. She said instead that cash-strapped Norwegians were simply buying strawberries long before the domestic berry season began, because the price was no longer a barrier for most strawberry-loving citizens. 

"The strawberry season did start of badly,(…) but the reason for the hike is simply that Norwegians can't get enough of strawberries," she told the NTB news agency. "People want strawberries all year round, and not just to stick to the summer and Norwegian berries." 


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