Northern lights add shine to off-season cruises

Cruise ships are set to offer winter voyages along the Norwegian coastline, using the lure of the northern lights to attract tourists northward beyond the normal peak season.

Northern lights add shine to off-season cruises
Tourists in front of a cruise ship in Geiranger. File photo: Berit Keilen/Scanpix

The NRK network reported on Friday that some cruise liners also plan to steer their course to Norway during winter months, beginning in 2014. 

"We have noticed that Norway has become a more attractive destination for Brits than the Caribbean," Cruise Norway spokeswoman Elisabeth Eeg told NRK. 

"There's demand in the British market to experience the northern lights in northern Norway, which means they chose to visit Norway in November, December and January." 

June, July and August are considered the traditional peak season months for cruise ships, with only one cruise company offering trips in January in 2013.

However, planned voyages for the remainder of 2013 and next year paint a picture of an increased willingness to visit Norway during the chilly winter months. While no trips are scheduled for November this year, a total of ten have been registered for 2014. The same figures for December show that this year's three cruises will go up to five by next year.

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