Death threats for lesbian Somali-Norwegian

Somali-Norwegian author Amal Aden has received more than 146 threatening messages after taking part in the Oslo Pride Parade this weekend. Recounting her ordeal, the lesbian activist said many Norwegians could not imagine the perceived tension of being Muslim and gay.

Death threats for lesbian Somali-Norwegian
The Oslo Pride Parade (L) and Somali-Norwegian activist Amal Aden (R). Files: Scanpix

"On Sunday morning, I woke up to find 146 threats on my phone, either phone messages or SMS," Aden wrote on Wednesday in a column in the Aftenposten newspaper. 

"I'm lesbian, Muslim and Somali – it is not a simple combination," she added.
"It can be difficult for ethnic Norwegians to understand how difficult and painful it can be to be both Muslim and for gay rights."
Many of the messages left of Aden's phone accused her of being a bad role model for Norwegian Muslim children. Aden does not, however, regret taking part in Saturday's Oslo Pride Parade and said she was already used to the threats.

"The threats started coming as soon as I came out as a lesbian. People have spit at me, thrown things at me, and threatened to kill me," she said. 

"I've spent many nights awake in despair over how my sexual orientation could create so much hatred." 

Some 12,000 people partook in the parade, led by Culture Minister Hadia Tajik alongside Development Minister Heiki Holmås and Mayor Stian Berger Røsland.

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