Drunk Norwegian falls asleep on luggage belt

Drunk Norwegian falls asleep on luggage belt
An airport baggage belt similar to the one in the story. Photo: Wikimedia
An inebriated Norwegian tourist managed to fall asleep and travel over a hundred metres on a baggage belt at Rome airport before being spotted on an x-ray.

The 36-year-old Norwegian, who has not been named, lay down with his baggage on the belt at the airline check in in late July and promptly fell asleep, according to a report in the UK Daily Telegraph.

The belt however began to move and the man was taken on a 15 minute tour of the airport's hidden areas before officials spotted his curled up shape on an x-ray machine.

When Fiumicino Airport police arrived they are reported to have had trouble rousing the sozzled Scandinavian.

Despite the man's impromptu 100 metre trip behind the scenes of Italy's busiest international airport, airport police claimed that security is tight. One senior officer furthermore pointed out that this is not the first time an incident of this kind has occurred.

"There's usually an episode like this once a year and we are alert," he said, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Before being handed over to the police, the hapless Norwegian was taken to hospital for a check up following his exposure to the powerful x-rays and he is reported not to have suffered any serious injury.

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