Cowboy hat courier nabbed in Norway

Cowboy hat courier nabbed in Norway
Photo: Nika Vee (File)
A smuggler travelling across Sweden's western border recently baffled customs officials who found over 500 cowboy hats stashed in the back of his car along with a large quantity of booze and cigarettes.

“This is our largest seizure of cowboy hats,” said Morten Nystuen of the Kongsvinger customs to the news website.

“We’ve had to confiscate clothes before, but never cowboy hats,” he told the paper.

The driver was reportedly a Polish man who was travelling across Sweden’s (wild) western border from Arviken towards Norway’s capital Oslo on Tuesday night.

When officials searched his car, they uncovered some 12,400 cigarettes, 20 kilograms of tobacco, 144 litres of beer and 32 litres of wine.

And crammed in the back of the vehicle were 540 cowboy hats.

The booty had a street value of 121,000 Norwegian kroner ($20,742).

“The large sums withheld in this case certainly merit a custodial sentence,” said Rune Bekkemoen of the local police to the paper.

The Polish outlaw was handed over to police, and spent the night in jail. He currently remains in police custody.

It is alleged that the man has friends in Oslo who run a shop, and the bounty was intended for them.

It remains unclear as to whether Norway is now suffering a cowboy-hat shortage.

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