Video shows Obama stuck on repeat

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Norway's not the only country "punching above its weight": the US president has used the same metaphor to describe a string of Washington's "closest allies", an eagle-eyed Danish TV team has found.

In October, Norway's prime minister Jens Stoltenberg fulfilled a long-held ambition to pay a visit to the White House.

A staunch NATO ally, Norway received high praise from Barack Obama for its part in helping bring about the downfall of Muammar Gadhaffi. Beaming from ear to ear, Stoltenberg basked in the Washington glow, Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet recalled on Thursday.

But in likening Norway to a boxer brawling in a superior weight class, Obama's praise turned out to be somewhat fainter than it first appeared, the paper said.

"I've said this before," Obama began. He certainly had, as the Danish clip shows.

And that's before he even gets started on the list of his country's "strongest allies".

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