Persistent ‘Panty Man’ jailed in Norway

Persistent 'Panty Man' jailed in Norway
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Dubbed ‘Panty Man’ by the Norwegian press, a 31-year-old resident of Buskerud in south-eastern Norway was sentenced to 11 months in prison on Tuesday for sexual harassment.

The sex offender earned national notoriety for sending messages of a sexual nature to girls as young as ten years old, often asking them to give him their panties.

Tuesday’s guilty verdict by Drammen district court was the man’s fifth criminal conviction, newspaper Budstikka reports.

The court found him guilty of a vast array of offences: aggravated fraud against telephone operator Telenor, a second count of fraud, threatening a taxi driver, 34 counts of identity theft, four counts of sexually harassing children, four other counts of sexual harassment or indecent behaviour, 42 counts of threatening behaviour, one count of disturbing the peace, and one count of shoplifting.

Prosecutors had called for the accused to be given a 15-month sentence, with seven of the months suspended.

Instead, the court opted for a shorter, 11-month jail term, but with none of the sentence delayed.

According to the court, the 31-year-old suffers from a serious psychiatric condition and has a “significantly impaired ability to assess his relationships with other people.”

A Facebook group agitating against Panty Man’s activities currently has more than 4,600 members. 

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