'Stallion' caught with pants down at Norway racetrack

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An 18-year-old harness racing enthusiast was caught on camera in Norway last week enthusiastically dry-humping a friend from behind as his horses won their races and the money rolled in.

Dubbed the “unknown stallion” by newspaper Dagbladet, the rutting youth had track organizers perplexed when the video went viral on Norwegian news sites.

But the mystery was soon unravelled by an eagle-eyed observer who managed to identify the proprietor of the gyrating backside at the Leangen racetrack.   

“I was at work when my aunt called and asked if it was me on I had to tell it like it was and say that I had indeed been at the racetrack,” said the horse buff, who gave his name as Ørjan.

Undeterred by the -12-degree temperatures, Ørjan said he was spurred into action after a dark horse he’d taken a punt on crossed the line first.

“It was a rush of happiness. I won more than 2,000 kroner ($350) in total,” he told Dagbladet.

Ørjan added that none of the other spectators had spoken out against the open display of fan-on-fan affection at the trotting track near Trondheim.

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“We saw some old folks shaking their heads, but we’re young people living life. We’re an open group of friends and it’s not the first time this has happened,” he said.

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