Land of the Midnight Sun

During summer, the sun never sets. Capture this magnificent experience on a midnight sun cruise or safari before the darkness of winter arrives.

Land of the Midnight Sun
Frithjof Fure

Norway is different from most other European countries because of the light. During the summer months, it doesn't get dark at night. This goes for the whole country. Then there is the midnight sun:

About the midnight sun
The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon which means that the sun does not set during the summer months. In other words, given fair weather, you can see the sun for a continuous 24 hours.
The duration of the midnight sun depends on how far north you are. At the Arctic Circle in the county of Nordland, you can see the midnight sun from 12 June to 1 July, at the North Cape in Finnmark you can see the sun from 14 May to 29 July, and at the North Pole the sun does not set for six months. 
Approximate dates when you can see the midnight sun 
The Arctic Circle: 12 June – 1 July
Bodø: 4 June – 8 July
Svolvær: 28 May – 14 July
Harstad: 25 May – 18 July
Bardufoss: 23 May – 19 July
Andenes: 22 May – 21 July
Tromsø: 20 May – 22 July
Bossekopp: 19 May – 24 July
Vardø: 17 May – 26 July
Hammerfest: 16 May – 27 July
Berlevåg: 15 May – 28 July
The North Cape: 14 May – 29 July
Longyearbyen (Svalbard): 20 April – 22 August
Midnight sun safaris and cruises
There are several cruise lines visiting Norway. An excellent way to experience the Norwegian coast, is to go on a cruise with Hurtigruten (The Norwegian Coastal Voyage) You can sit on deck and just enjoy the midnight sun.
You can also choose a midnight cruise at the North Cape or go on a midnight sun cruise in Lofoten. These trips will take you out on the open sea to experience the special light.
Bird watching at the North Cape
The North Cape is a special place to experience the midnight sun. The only things seperating you from the North Pole are the sea and the Svalbard Islands.
There are several activities to choose from in the North Cape area, one of them is a cruise to the bird island of Stappan.
Golf above the Arctic Circle
In the Lofoten Islands, you can play golf at Lofoten Golf Links all night long, and watch the wildlife as you play.
An excellent way to experience the arctic nature is to hike in midnight sun. The light gives the mountains a magical look at night-time. Many routes that are recommended in daytime, are even more interesting in the middle of the night. The midnight sun hike to Keipen outside of Harstad is an alternative with guide.   
Taking a boat out for fishing in the middle of the night is a good way to experience the special light from the midnight sun. This is also a good time to catch fish.
There are endless possibilties to hire a boat for fishing along the coast, just contact the local tourist office or the place where you stay, or even ask a local fisherman.
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