Stavanger braces for ’embarrassing’ footage

Stavanger braces for 'embarrassing' footage
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A Norwegian documentary film maker is predicting a mortifying evening for many Stavanger residents this Saturday when state broadcaster NRK provides a candid insight into the city’s weekend nightlife.

Johan Mihle Laugaland and a team of camera operators spent the evening of November 19th observing the city in the company of an ambulance driver, a police officer, a volunteer street patroller, a taxi driver, a group of girls and a pub musician, NRK reports.

“There are probably going to be some people who feel a bit embarrassed, and there will be those who recognize themselves,” said Laugaland.

With a trailer for the half-hour documentary rapidly racking up “shares” on social media site Facebook, it seems there’s plenty of viewer interest in the excesses of a Saturday night in Norway’s third largest city.  

While the footage is peppered with images of drunken youths fighting or flashing their flesh for the cameras, the director was keen to point out that he also captured the finer sides of the city.

“Saturday night is a high point for people and there’s a lot of happiness, laughter, smiles and French kissing on show in the programme. We hope we manage to put forward both sides of the coin,” said Laugaland.

According to police chief Odd Tveit Jørgensen, the short film paints a fair picture of Stavanger at the weekend.

“This is a regular Saturday night in a Norwegian town,” he told NRK.

View trailer here.

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