Bolivia ‘fugitive’ safe in Norway

A Norwegian girl on the run from Bolivian justice for smuggling 22.4 kilograms of cocaine is back in Norway and reunited with her family.

Stina Brendemo-Hagen has been on the run from 10 years of jail time in the South American country since posting 350,000 kroner ($63,000) bail and fleeing Bolivia three months ago, newspaper VG reports.

On Monday afternoon, Hagen stepped off a ferry in Oslo Harbour. The 21-year-old had crossed the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Jungle by boat, moped and plane in her flight from Cochabamba, Bolivia to Brasilia, Brazil. In mid-August 2011, Brendemo-Hagen showed up at the Norwegian Embassy in Brazil with her infant son, she told newspaper VG, the only media outlet she’s given a statement to.

The embassy refused her a new passport but offered one to her son along with passage to Norway. Instead, the two disappeared until her lawyer notified Norwegian police that she was back in Norway.

Brendemo-Hagen, meanwhile, could first be called on to testify at the trial of five others whose flight to Norway produced a court case now being tried in Oslo. Her lawyer said Norwegian authorities have found nothing illegal in her flight.

In August, Norwegian men’s publication Alfa sent a journalist to meet Brendemo-Hagen in Brazil, where they learned two former mercenaries had helped her to freedom.

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