Norwegian ghost-busters see business boom

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Clairvoyants in Norway say business is up 100 percent over last year, with TV reality shows making it “more socially acceptable” to have homes purified of spirits by psychics.

In Gudbrandsdalen, near Olympic town Lillehammer, spirits have plagued a woman since she moved in with her family. Ten years of seeing “black forms” sweep across her floor, sudden powerful chills, and “narrowing staircases” finally got her to call for help.

The medium Kim Are Stende answered the call and entered her house with a dozen apprentices. With demand up, he’s able to teach the art of detecting and exorcising spirits to future competitors.

“I’m noticing that there’s a rising demand for exorcism,” Stende said.

“The last years, I’ve had 20 to 30 assignments a year. But this past year I’ve had closer to 70 home visits,” Stende told NRK.

After feeling their way through the bewitched home, Stende’s apprentices reported “headaches, tingling, heavy energy” and cold in the cellar. One claimed to have seen the image of a man standing by the family’s wood-burning stove.

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After the airing of TV reality series called The Spirits Power and The Hunt for the Sixth Sense, a number of sightings have been reported throughout Norway. In one kindergarten, staff reported “flying objects” and “slamming doors”.

Psychics visiting the site claimed the playground was built over old graves. The swing set was removed.

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