Single-oar getaway has thieves rowing in circles

Two burglars making a getaway in a row boat were caught by waiting police after paddling for their lives with just one oar.

Police near Vikersund, about 70 kilometres west of Oslo, answered a call about a break-in and stolen laptops from a lakeside home at 4.30 in the morning. A man and woman in their late 20s were then seen rowing in a series of corrective arcs as they attempted to cross Bergsjøen Lake in County Buskerud.

“One of them rowed with all his might on that one oar, but it didn’t go especially fast,” Nordre Buskerud county operations chief, Erik Bergan, told newspaper Dagbladet.

The thieves had been faced with the twin perils of jail time and a strong lake current driving them toward a high waterfall that siphons the lake into a river at lower altitude.

No resistance to police was offered when the pair at last made it to shore. The stolen goods, which included at least one laptop, were onboard the tiny boat when police apprehended the couple.

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